Melbourne Stringspace Singers

Caterina – Pop & Soul Singer:

Caterina has been called an Aussie ‘It’ girl and a role model, a star-in-the-making and a girl-next-door. Invited to work with producers and beat-makers from London to Los Angeles. Her soulful voice and natural style have seen her take the stage on network television phenomenon The Voice and tour Australia and South America with one of her most ardent champions, Ricky Martin.

Caterina has honed her songwriting in the USA and the UK, working with Toby Gad (Beyonce, Alicia Keys), Cathy Dennis (Katy Perry), Lester Mendez (Nelly Furtado) and The Presets’ frontman Justin Hamilton, to name a few.

The Voice Australia provided a platform on which to show the public what she could do. Ricky Martin became a keen supporter of Caterina and they continued to collaborate & perform together even after the finale. Following a national tour with Ricky Martin, Caterina joined him on concert tours in Chile and Uruguay.