• Pachelbel – Canon
  • Schubert – Ave Maria
  • Wagner – Bridal Chorus (Wedding March)


  • Bach/Gounod – Ave Maria
  • Debussy – Girl With the Flaxen Hair
  • Satie – Gymnopedie


  • Bach – Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring
  • Handel – Water Music
  • Purcell – Wedding March


Performance Requirements for Harp:

  • Outdoors: full shade is required from either an awning, verandah or small marquee. A tree or umbrella is not enough.
  • Dry: Please note the harp must never be placed in any danger of getting wet from inclement weather.
  • Solid Surface: underfoot and under harp (i.e. not  gravel, dirt or grass). Ideally a harp needs a hard, level surface under it – something like pavers or concrete. Alternatively, a 1.5m x 1.5m carpet mat (like they sell at Bunnings) could potentially be okay.
  • Moving: The harpist may require someone to be on hand  to help with moving the harp if they need to go over rough terrain.
  • Paved Surfaces: The harp trolley can only travel on paved/smooth surfaces – not over grass etc.
  • Level surface: Please note if the ground is uneven, then someone always has to have a hand on the instrument, which can make things quite tricky!
  • Harpists usually bring their own stool

Harp AV:

  • Church vs Function Centre: It really depends on the venue and the acoustics. A church of course wouldn’t require amplification but somewhere like the convention centre would need it.
  • Over 80 guests: As for as how many people, I would say in a drinks situation, any more than 80 or so and could be drowned out. A sit down dinner might be different as people tend to be less noisy.
  • Harpists don’t provide their own amplification.