Adelaide Wedding Music:

Music has an important and transformative role to play in your ceremony. It sets the mood and atmosphere for your day.

There are 4 main sections in a wedding ceremony where music is usually performed:

1) As guests arrive and are seated 

2) Processional – As you walk down the aisle.

3) Signing of the Register – While you sign your papers (approx. 8 minutes).

4) Recessional – Immediately after you are announced as married.


Timing: From experience, Stringspace recommends booking for 1.25 – 1.5 hours for a wedding ceremony to cover all 4 sections.

Phone Lucie on 0412 582 437 or click here to make a wedding music enquiry.

Wedding Repertoire:

AS GUESTS ARRIVE: Stringspace usually perform beautiful classical music such as Bach, Mozart & Handel, or we can also play jazz or pop (or a mix of styles).

We recommend that you choose 4  songs from our repertoire list for the ceremony:

1 song for the Processional
2 songs for the Signing
1 song for the Recessional

Alternatively, if you prefer to simply choose the style (e.g. stylish classical, jazz or pop) you can leave the rest up to us.

Catholic mass: If you are having a full Catholic Mass please let us know at the time of booking, as we can also include music for Offertory and Communion.

PROCESSIONAL (as you walk down the aisle):

You choose 1 song:

SIGNING OF THE REGISTER (while the papers are signed):

You choose 2 songs:



RECESSIONAL (as the ceremony comes to a conclusion):

You choose 1 song:


For outdoor ceremonies, Stringspace are often asked to perform for guests whilst the bride and groom are socialising and/or having their photos taken. We will happily entertain your guests.


Stringspace are aware of the importance of their role in establishing a mood at your event. Our string quartets & jazz bands are perfect as stylish background music during your canapés and reception, and will sound amazing for the key memorable moments in your ceremony.

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