21st Birthday testimonial! | Tuesday 12th March 2024

Hello, Lucie.

Just a quick follow up from the event held on Saturday 2 March.

Really happy (again!) with the performance given by Courtney and Mia. I am a repeat customer and both experiences have been first class. 

First event was for an 80th Birthday – second event was for a 21st Birthday. Equally well received!  I was unsure of the younger group enjoying the power of strings – but they did! Taylor Swift songs were really well received – suggest maybe have a few more in your playlist?

Courtney (the cellist) needs a shout out – both events she was happy to be in photos with my guests and is an asset to Stringspace. She deserves a “rider” of her choice!

Thank you again, Lucie – I’ve got got 3 more kids younger than 21 and they all want good music at their Birthdays now they’ve heard this.

Best regards


(High school French horn player)

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