Lovely testimonial today for our Solo Violinist performing at Florentino’s earlier this month | Monday 31st May 2021

Dear Lucie and Phoebe,

Thank You! We are just now coming back down to earth after a fabulous weekend, culminating in the evening at Grossi Florentino, which we had jokingly taken to calling “the Gala” during the lead-up weeks. Yes, Phoebe, you are right but too modest, as we feel everything went better than “really well”. Your performance and Lucie’s expert arrangements lifted the evening to “really wonderful”!

Phoebe, it was a pleasure to meet you, and your playing was gorgeous. The classical and contemporary pieces set the romantic tone we hoped to create in that lovely setting. Rod and I chuckled again over the “Remember Me” piece because the score itself was so unremarkable and yet between Lucie’s rearrangement and your playing, it took on a  whimsical sophistication that sounded charming, and ‘We Are Gentlemen of Japan’ just blew us all away!

We knew from our previous experience with Stringspace that we were in for another great experience, and so it was!  Now we are just thinking how fortunate we were to have our special event before the lockdown and wish you all well there.

We look forward to the next chance we get to engage Stringspace. Meantime we’re busy singing your praises to anyone asking about Our Weekend!

Thanks again for everything.

Kind regards,
Marilyn & Rod

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