Stringspace enjoys performing background music for wedding proposals.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Solo violinist playing a special request at your favourite restaurant
  • Violinist or string quartet begin playing on the street as you both walk past
  • String quartet starts playing at a park that you are walking through
  • Solo violinist starts playing under your window 1st thing in the morning.

Hi Lucie and friends,

Just wanted to extend a BIG thank you for Saturday. With your help, I have not only succeeded in getting a “yes” from the most wonderful girl I’ve ever known, but I think we also succeeded in raising the bar a few notches for all the other young couples out there!

Are you able to send me the original photo you took of the group on Saturday to add to our scrapbook? We didn’t end up getting a photo together in the moment either, but I think that’s fine as we won’t ever forget such an awesome experience!


String quartet playing in a park as you both walk past

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